MKTG 691 Special Topic:
    Digital Ethnography
    & Social Listening

    Fall 2020

    Dr. Dean Browell

    Digital Ethnography is a technique used to uncover key findings among target audiences that reveal actionable insights that can tell marketers why audiences engage in certain behaviors, how they communicate about a brand in different communities and what triggers their buying decisions – all within a competitive context. This research technique is applied and compiled exclusively through digital channels and without audience engagement, thus preserving the authenticity of the data.

    Students will experience not only the theory behind digital ethnography but also work in lab, group, and independent projects to apply this new skill in realtime online environments for brands and their audiences. Students will learn the importance of social listening in a variety of applications, from foundational market research, targeting, messaging, product development, B2C and B2B contexts.

    Learning Objectives:
    • Provide basic training in ethnographic qualitative research methods and a foundation in the skillsets and techniques needed for conducting ethnographic research
    • Examine the variety of behaviors and how they differ based on environment
    • To consider various applications of digital ethnography
    • Improve and add to writing skills to develop accurate, rich descriptions of observed behavior
    • To think critically about the markets to which ethnographic research can be applied
    Prerequisite or corequisite: MKTG 671 - Marketing Management